Becoming an internship host

We recognise and understand that resource constraints and staff shortages are common in a range of social and educational sectors, making it difficult to deliver the support that people deserve, want or need. We support you to bridge the gap between your aspirations and your reality.

Our Partnership

We work in partnership with hosts organisations who value educational exchange and who understands the exciting opportunities our internship programme offer. We partner with hosts who offer our interns practical work experiences in teams enabling them to learn and to make a real difference. By aligning our expectations, we can work together to make the internship experience a positive and mutually beneficial experience for all involved.

Our Role

Recruitment & Vetting
Supervision & Support for Interns
Educated Supplementary Staff

Your Role

Creating a Dynamic Workplace

We charge a professional fee for the work we do on your behalf to ensure a positive and enabling experience for all involved.

At White Cloud, we believe in making meaningful connections between interns and host organisations. Let's work together to create benefits for everyone involved. Contact us and explore the opportunities for your organisation!