Welcome to White Cloud Internships

We've set this website up as an information source for potential interns as well as hosts. There are three main sections to this website: for interns, for hosts, and our stories. Our stories are testimonials from past interns about their experience practicing their skills in New Zealand and exploring the country. The information provided here is a brief overview, for more information or to take the next step please contact us...

What we do

We enable international interns, host organisations and schools to explore, learn and achieve together.

We work with international universities offering their students the opportunity to have an ultimate personal and educational experience during their international internships in New Zealand.

We enjoy close, collaborative partnerships with a wide array of host organisations, whose aim is to make a difference for New Zealanders in disability, mental health, education, youth and aged care sectors.

We specialise offering international internships in Social and Educational sectors in New Zealand, and we are actively involved with you, as an intern and as a host, the whole way through to make sure you get a good experience.