Most of our students are from Europe and therefore will fly to New Zealand. Air travel, while offering connectivity and opportunities for international experiences, also contributes to carbon emissions.

At White Cloud Internships we feel it’s essential to support carbon offsetting initiatives and take other meaningful steps towards a more sustainable future. It’s all about balancing the journey.

Our Contribution

We’re very excited about our collaboration with Motuihe Island Restoration Trust! Motuihe is a small island in the Hauraki Gulf. Once mostly a largely pastoral island with 20% of remnant bush and overrun by pest weeds and rabbits in 2000. But thanks to the hard work of the Motuihe Island Restoration Trust, things have changed enormously.

Since 2003, volunteers have been planting native trees and plants, helping the island's ecosystem to bounce back. Nowadays, Motuihe Island has become a rich bush reserve, with increasing biodiversity of birds, insects, and reptiles, all thanks to this restoration effort.

Our White Cloud interns have the chance to get involved in this exciting work. From planting trees to caring for seedlings in the nursery, there are plenty of ways to help out. This is not only a unique experience that contributes to efforts to offset their carbon footprint, but also educates our interns about New Zealand’s unique biodiversity. Plus, we cover all the costs for our interns, so they can focus on making a difference.