My international experience
January 21, 2019
It was the time of my life
January 21, 2019

Name: Kent Presthi
Age: 48
Nationality: Danish
Degree: Bachelor’s in Social Work
Internship period: 01.02.2016 – 30.06.2016

I was attending NZ the 28 of January 2016, and was picked up at the airport of two other students. We drove to the place where I was going to live during my internship in NZ. Everyone was nice and very helpful. After a few days I started to work in a residential house in Papatoetoe.  Instead of writing a resume of my time in NZ I will highlight some of all the good things during my stay in NZ.

Highlights from my internship:

  • High quality of supervision (every Friday – Mia brought snacks and drinks, so the atmosphere was nice. Before every supervision we chose a professional and relevant topic to discuss.
  • You could get in touch with Mia 24/7. She was always available – whether it was professional or private affairs.
  • Everything was well planned – ex. housing, work, education etc.
  • I had a big influence during my internship with regards to my work schedule, focus of my learning etc.
  • Everyone was nice and understanding at the residential house
  • My ability to plan work so there was time to enjoy NZ
  • The chance to be a part of another culture
  • Socializing with people from another culture
  • When you do an internship in NZ – you become a part of NZ, and NZ become a part of you

My internship has made a big impression and will always be in my mind and heart.  I enjoyed it a lot, and often I think back of the good times in NZ. I miss these times.

A part of me will always be a kiwi. ?