Elisa Slaat

Internship Supervisor

Master of Science Degree in Orthopedagogy,
(Educational Sciences) – The Netherlands

+64 21 071 2464

Elisa has high-level experience in business and project management, which includes recruiting and training people to work with autistic children. She has strong skills and a passion for student supervision and mentoring. This combination of skills is critical for selecting interns who will establish genuine connections with hosts and the people they support. She thrives in a fast-paced, multi-faceted work environment where her perseverance, organisational skills and drive to discover new possibilities can be nourished. She is on the board of trustees of Autism New Zealand, has background experience in Early Childhood Education, and has studied Applied Behaviour Analysis through the University of Northern Texas USA. In her own time, Elisa runs a boutique children’s clothing company, teaches Dutch language and culture to children and explores the outdoors with her family.