A journey that changed my life forever
February 5, 2019
Biggest journey of my life
February 26, 2020

Name: Mette Elisabeth Christensen
Age: 25
Nationality: Danish
Degree: Bachelor in Social Education, specialisation Early Childhood Education
Internship Period: June 1st 2019 – November 30th 2019

When you arrive home after 6 months abroad, lots of people ask you: How was it? The first word to come out of my mouth in these situations is: ‘Great! ‘… and it definitely has been great, but for the more curious people, I need to dive deeper into my reflections about my journey.

Let’s go back to the beginning. My travel buddy and I applied for an internship in a Kindergarten in Auckland with plenty of notice with regards to our school’s deadline. We waited and waited for their answer. Then we waited a little longer, and when we still didn’t hear anything, we got a little nervous. But then, Mia and White Cloud Internships came along and saved us! We were the first students with Early Childhood Education specialisation doing a White Cloud Internship, and they quickly found a relevant and just amazing internship for us.

From White Cloud Internships we got all the help we needed, including fully furnishd accommodation shared with other White Cloud Interns. We then left Denmark feeling prepared, safe and ready, and we certainly didn’t get disappointed by what we met!

As mentioned before, we were the first students at Tiny Tuis, which is an Early Learning Centre in Auckland with approximately 100 children from the ages 0-5. There was a few different options available to us with regards to different teams and age groups of children. Together with the staff we agreed on who would be where and when. Everyone was satisfied and we soon found a good rhythm. The staff was eager to share their knowledge, but they were also keen to hear our ideas. This gave me amazing opportunities for activities and interactions with the children.

We worked four days a week, which gave us plenty of time each weekend to explore the beautiful country. I almost can’t imagine any other place better suited for exploration and adventures! From the big, snow-covered mountains, the mirror-like, shiny lakes, the clear and frosty air and the beautiful coasts in the south, to the more vigorous rainforests, the flat wide beaches, the warm temperatures and of course the beautiful and breathtaking Hobbiton, we enjoyed every single trip, and got so many experiences and memories to bring home!

I hope you’ve got this far, because now it is time for my point (if you didn’t catch that already)! Six months have flown by, and I have gone home with so many memories and so much new knowledge, that I am forever grateful for. I give my warmest recommendations to White Cloud Internships. Even though my adventure in New Zealand has now come to an end, it will always live on and have a special place in my heart!