Adventures abroad
February 19, 2020
The other side of the world!
August 5, 2021

Name: Gitte Hjortshøj Bruun
Age: 23
Nationality: Danish
Degree: Bachelor in Social Education, specialisation Early Childhood Education
Internship Period: June 1st 2019 – November 30th 2019

I completed my internship in Little Treehouse Kindergarten in Auckland. I enjoyed it and learned a lot professionally and about myself. Staff at Little Treehouse Kindergarten were very supportive of me and my educational journey, and my experience there has given me a lot of courage, that I can use later in my professional and personal life. I also learned that it´s okay to be a little insecure sometimes and that you just must keep on trying till you make it.

I learned to reflect, to open up about my reflections and to use them in my work with my colleagues. Sometimes my reflections opened up for a discussion with colleagues, and after talking a lot more about it, we all learned a lot from it.

I got an understanding of other cultures, and I have moved many of my boundaries both professionally and personally from this experience – including when me and my friends were going on a trip where we were doing some extreme sports.

I had the best internship at Little Treehouse Kindergarten, they gave me so many opportunities to have a great experience working in New Zealand. I was the first White Cloud student at Little Treehouse, but I hope many more will be given the opportunity because they are really good at what they are doing. I have taken home with me so many new professional methods.

White Cloud also supported me with my learning. I had individual supervision with Mia and attended group supervisions also which was arranged for us. It has all been very helpful for my learning.

I was not alone in New Zealand. I was surrounded by other White Cloud students from around the world. I was living in a house, with five other students. They became like a family to me, we were out seeing the country together, and had parties in each other houses, we had a lot of fun!

Thank you for all the great experiences you gave me, White Cloud Internships, Little Treehouse Kindergarten and New Zealand.