Our services

White Cloud’s monthly fee secures the following services: 

  • We recruit and supply high-quality international interns 
  • We utilise an intern selection process which focuses on quality rather than quantity
  • We understand each intern’s personal and professional aspirations prior to commencement, so that we can place them appropriately, which is essential for a successful placement
  • We provide all required academic support and guidance expected by the interns’ home universities, including weekly professional supervision and academic guidance. 
  • We will also offer the interns fortnightly, catered workshops, focused on professional development for their specific sectors
  • We provide the home universities with all required information from the host organisation, including assignment and skill assessments, attitude and performance assessments, and the completion of written mid-term and final evaluations, and online evaluations with university representatives
  • We encourage and support interns to provide professional, constructive feedback about practices and priorities to host organisations 
  • We provide all pastoral care for the interns and are available to the interns at all times. As well as being from and familiar with European cultures, White Cloud staff are fluent in many of interns’ native languages and, having experienced it ourselves, understand the academic context of the placement
  • We also provide all our interns with at least one ‘retreat’ opportunity, where they get to enjoy a combination of professional workshops and social activities
  • We provide our interns with fully furnished group accommodation at a discounted rate, ready for them on their arrival. This living arrangement is very attractive to the interns and contributes significantly to their experiences, both socially and educationally
  • We provide educational agreements, which set a common expectation of roles and responsibilities, between the host organisation, the interns and their home universities 
  • We ensure onsite staff at host organisations are informed and supported to understand the interns’ roles, responsibilities and opportunities in specific workplaces
  • We facilitate learning opportunities between interns and staff to identify developmental opportunities, overcome challenges and solve potential issues
  • We inform you of any concerns with regards to intern placements and support resolution processes
  • We follow your policies and procedures with regards to any observations we make or information that is shared with us about any people supported or employed by you
  • We work with you to identify which parts of your organisation/school are most likely to benefit from intern placements 
  • We strive to supply you with your requested number of interns

NOTE 1: Service fees are calculated based on variables such as the number of interns placed and lengths of their internships

NOTE 2: Our interns carry out all their work experience hours unpaid