Our interns

Discover the benefits of partnering with White Cloud Internships! Our interns are studying a minimum of a Bachelor Degree in Social Work, Early Childhood Education, Special/Social Education, Psychology, and Nursing from universities in for example Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and the United States.

These degrees cover roles that in New Zealand often require qualifications not widely held. We ensure our interns are matched with placements that suit their specialties and learning objectives.

Internships usually last a minimum of 5 months, with interns committing on average 32 hours per week. They also have time to explore New Zealand and take part in educational activities outside of work, as outlined in individual agreements.

By hosting our interns, your organisation gains access to fresh perspectives and dedicated support, helping you achieve your goals while contributing to the interns' educational journey. Partner with us and unlock the potential of your organisation with White Cloud Internships.